Security | Flexibility | Scalability

Technical Features


Provide a dynamic experience to all stakeholders by communicating with a single database from both desktops & mobile platforms


Be assured of your data protection, as your institution data resides safely & securely in an azure cloud with restrictive access to individual users based on roles

24X7 Support

Get more value for your investment with round-the-clock support from our dedicated support team. Reach us through our toll-free number or email for a swift response

SaaS Model

Focus solely on your school growth & development leaving the management of your school ERP, data and related maintenance to our experts

IOT – enabled

Use IOT-automation to capture attendance and also increase security within your school premises by tracking student's movements unobtrusively


Provides for harmonious interaction with external applications & services giving optimal user experience

It’s is easy to configure !!

iFillip can be accessed through a variety of configurable user interfaces
to provide simple access and relevant information to every individual across
the educational institution

For Stakeholders...

iFillip allows various stakeholders to update data & share communications from a single
web-based system hosted securely in the cloud

School Management

Streamlined Processes.

iFillip helps automate & streamline internal processes & controls thereby freeing your key resources like teachers & admin staff from mundane activities and help in increasing productivity & efficiency. With cutting edge technology and features like multi-school tenant model coupled with readymade access to secure data, Ifllip is the go-to school & learning management system.


Increased Collaboration & Better Organization.

Pedagogy is undergoing a paradigm shift from a “teacher-centered” to “student-centered” learning, Teachers has to constantly engage the student and provide instant feedback. This calls for substantial time & effort on the part of the teaching fraternity, By reducing paperwork and providing flexibility of 24X7 access to resources, iFillip strives to ‘Put Education First’


Students love technologies & gadgets...

Using iFillip, students get round the clock access to various resources, teachers & peer groups, Students become active participants in a moderated classroom community that encourages collaboration, discussion & creativity – which is just how they like it! Apart from knowledge sharing, iFillip also supports fun activities like student poll, Announcements, Hall of Fame, Birthday wishes, etc. thereby fostering all round student development.


Timely Updates. Active Participation.

Get more involved in your child’s education with constant updates & feedback on their performance & progress. iFillip messaging module helps to interact with teachers on the go instead of waiting for school open days. Parents also have access to data in real time and can see multiple student in a school using a single login.